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Shins and Boots is a Football Show based on Youtube and Facebook. The show’s principal came to us at the end of 2015 through a mutual contact, looking to raise the profile of the show through branding and marketing.

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Logo Design

The Shins N Boots logo takes its cue from the name of the show, using the equipment elements to form the back drop of the typography.

Motion Graphics

To design the intro for the show the logo was animated in a 4 second sequence.

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/227469652″ align=”center”]

Video Effects & Editing

In producing the show for the online platforms, we gathered footage after each filming and pieced together each episode. Using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC in tandem with After Effects, produced each episode on a weekly basis. Each episode needed custom lower thirds for guests and presenters.

Video Effects and Editing

Graphic Design

While working with the Shins N Boots team we designed various elements for them as needed such as team profiles, event advertisements and social media branding.