19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Roundabouts of Life is a board game designed to bring families together through traditional gameplay. It uses everyday situations to teach lessons, encourage players, and provide a fun experience while doing so.


Logo Design

The Roundabouts of Life logo references one of the common traffic features in Barbados after which the game is named. The font was kept simple along the theme of traffic signage.

Board Game Design

When Colevon Enterprises came to us, they had the big idea of creating a board game. They had beta tested it with a print out of an excel sheet and had proof of concept but needed to take it to full design production. Even though it was the first project of its kind we took on, they put their confidence in us and we learned together.  We went through several iterations, consulted with intellectual property lawyers and product designers to help with elements that would make the game more unique.


Production and Packaging

Once the design phase was printed, we worked with Colevon Enterprises to find the most cost-effective method for printing. Even with the high cost of shipping, a reputable game manufacturer with a wealth of experience was found in China.


Working with footage submitted by the client, we compiled a short video to promote the game and available locations for purchase.

We worked to model out marketing materials based on the board game design for email blasts and event signage through banners.

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/d9sU-LrGkos” align=”center”]