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The Caribbean Growth Forum is an initiative led by several International and Regional Finance Institutions to identify policies and initiatives aimed at inducing growth and creating jobs through analytical work, knowledge exchange and inclusive dialogue.

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Caribbean Growth


Working with the Growth Forum, we developed a range of communication strategies and materials to engage audiences at events and online, and disseminate technical information in easy to read formats such as infographics and micro-content.

Event Social Media Management


CGF Regional Event, Bahamas 2013

As a follow up to the 2012 Caribbean Growth Forum Launch Event in Jamaica 2012, a regional event was hosted in The Bahamas in 2013 as a checkpoint for progress in the three thematic areas of the CGF. Our team was on the ground in the Bahamas, working with students from the College of the Bahamas, to create real time social media posts and content from the two-day event. We captured buzz worthy comments and transformed them into graphic slides for immediate posting, monitored and recorded live-streaming video that was broadcasted on the CGF Facebook page throughout the event. The team monitored comments from those at the workshop and those online to respond to queries, retweet/repost comments, or flag inappropriate content on the spot.


Above: Quote from Fran├žoise Clottes, World Bank, former Country Director, Caribbean Countries, during introductory comments.

Below: USTREAM interface used to broadcast live sessions during the two-day event.

USTREAM CGF 2013 Image


The key to effective communication is making information relatable to your target audience. Being tasked with simplifying the wealth of data contained in studies and reports on the CGF website we turned to the best medium for making masses of information bit sized and manageable; infographics. By finding the core themes contained in each document, it was easy to create infographics to make the facts live in a new and interesting way.


Above: Infographic based on the World Bank Knowledge Series publication Regional ICT and the Global Economy.

Left: Infographic based on the World Bank Knowledge Series publication Air Transport Hub Systems.

Workshops and Social Media

The first accountability workshop was held in Jamaica on February 20, 2014 and the first Tweet Chat was held. There was live streaming from radio station Power 106, which allowed members of the public to keep abreast of presentations and interviews, in conjunction with pictures and comments posted to twitter throughout the chat, keeping them informed and allowing them a sound platform from which to engage on social media. Along with contacts on the ground, our team in Barbados remotely kept abreast by following the livestream on radio and comments on Twitter, responding, retweeting and posting as needed.

Custom Hashtags

To be able to monitor the conversation on Twitter, we created custom hashtags to be able to track the conversation. #CGF2014, the flagship tag was accompanied by #BizReformJA, in Jamaica. In other territories where accountability workshops were held, the hashtag #TalkAction was also amended with the country code to create a country specific tag, e.g. #TalkActionSLU (St. Lucia), #TalkActionSKN (St. Kitts), #TalkAction SVG (St. Vincent).

CGF Twitter Custom tags 2
CGF Twitter Custom Hashtags