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Visual Identity Design

Working with strategic partner Clearly Content Communications Inc., we designed the visual identity and brand collateral for the Barbados Accreditation Council’s new qualifications framework, inclusive of the logo and brand guidelines, characters and profiles to represent different stakeholder perspectives, brochures and promotional items.


The Process

We first went through a discovery process to establish the brand essence, to create sound messaging, guide in-house content creation that would influence public perception of the brand, ultimately leading to the development of a relevant, impactful and memorable visual identity for the BQCF.

During the discovery process, we reviewed documentation, and interacted with key individuals as needed, to ascertain the goals and objectives of the BQCF. We highlighted keywords and concepts that underpinned and defined the BQCF’s vision.

Based on the brand essence, we then looked at the brand from different perspectives; its personality (who it would be as a person), its values (its perceived impact on the end user), its attributes (what are its functional characteristics) and the benefits to the end user.

Once this due diligence was done and signed off by the client, we could then begin the design process, which included creating user profiles for a range of stakeholders.

Brand Pillars

• Assurance
• Recognition
• Competitiveness

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For the promotion of the BQCF  and to build awareness of the brand, several marketing materials were created. We sourced production of pens, stress balls and tote bags, as well as designed a brochure to explain the framework’s structure and its impact various audiences, and a banner for display use at showcases and events.